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Fashion Sketch Artist


Course fees 25,000 L.E


1st installment 15,000 L.E

2nd installment 10000 L.E (after 2 months)

Fashion Drawing (40 HRS.)

Learning Objectives:


Appreciate the unique considerations and focuses of fashion illustration

Sketch the human body in proportions relevant to fashion illustration

Conduct quick sketches of clothing items on the human body.


Covered Topics:


1- Figures Making:

-Drawing the fashion figure with 9 heads method (straight pose with no movements).

- Using the straight pose we draw the previous class to build 3 different poses with any movements using the collage method.

- Learning an advanced method to draw the fashion figure, making 3 different poses out of it


2- Face & hair construction:

-learning to draw illustrated fashion face on a big scale.

- drawing 12 fashion faces on small scale with different hairstyles.


3- Coloring Techniques:

- studying the color theory and how the perspective, light and shade works while coloring with pencil and poster colors+ coloring the 12 face we did previously.

- Coloring 6 outfits using different coloring techniques and mediums (markers-pencils-poster).

- completing what we began the previous class.


4- Drapes & Gathers & Pleats Collection:

-  Drawing and designing 10 different outfits inspired by drapes, gathers and pleats using “encyclopedia of fashion details” book.


- completing the previous class coloring the 10 design we did.


Fashion Design (60 HRS.)

Learning Objectives:


Students will start to analyze a variety of fashion product while developing experimental approaches to research and the design process in order to grow confidences and develop creativity. They will develop presentation techniques with the intent of building a professional portfolio of work. In addition, Students explore apparel styles through different kinds of fabrics.


Covered Topics:


1-Moodboards Inspiration:

- Introduction to the mood board and how to select a theme and to get inspired from it.

- Making a collection out of 5 outfits minimum + learning how to apply many types of fabric textures by coloring.


2- Textile Printing:

- Making a collection out of 5 outfits minimum applied with different types of textile designs.

- Finishing the 5 designs back views and flat drawings.


3- Ready to Wear Collection:

- Making a collection inspired from students favorite Movie.

-The collection contains minimum 5 outfits completing it with mood board, fabric swatches, back views and flat drawing.

4- Evening Wear Collection:

-Making a collection inspired from students favorite designer work.

- The collection contains minimum (4 evening dresses+1 ball gown+ 1 bridal gown) completing    it with mood board, fabric swatches, back views and flat drawing.

- Students should be able to demonstrate a full presentation for their final collection.

Payment Options:


  1. Cash through the Branch.

  2. Bank Transfer. (details upon request)

  3. Mobile wallet transfer. (details upon request )


Refund Policy:


70% refund of paid amount 15 days before first day of course

30%refund of paid amount 7 days before first day of course

100% nonrefundable after that.

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