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Meet Cairo design district

From fashion to pattern making, animation to digital illustration, graphic and interior design.. And much much more, we made all of that available for our creative students.


CDD is built not only as a school but also as a home for all the unique creative minds that we have out there and ready to go on a fun adventure of learning with us!


It is a destination in which students run to  looking for fun in doing what they love the most!


It's a center where students feel connected to their brilliant ideas and where the get the encouragement and mentorship of egypt's finest teachers and mentors.


And because art comes in many forms, CDD is the place where students find the support in exploring the one true form of expressing their inner beauty and creativity!


CDD is a school where visionary ideas come to life!

Art Class

who we are !

-we are a group of artistic designers dedicated to the art and only art!


-our passion and love for art drove us together to create this school and turn it into a home for all the young creative minds here in Egypt.


Experience :we have +18 years of experience , taught many students and fully understood the mentality and psychology of unique minds and how to educate them on applying their boundless imagination to their work.


Student mentorship :we are cult teachers who give students unfiltered advice and insight on building their portfolios that will land them their dream job!


Professionalism :we are a team of professionals that prepare our students for all potential career paths and turn artists and designers students into professionals who bring the next idea home.


Business oriented :we are a family of accomplished teachers, acclaimed artists who help students turn advanced concepts into business realities!

-the school constantly researches and reimagins offerings to equip students with skills and knowledge relevant to their chosen careers as well as offers entry to prestigious network partners with CDD such as Marie Louis fashion house as we offer 1 week training to our students who are interested in netwear, we also offer 1 week training with antarmode for our students who are passionate about haute couture


-students praiseworthy portfolios and their original collections are also sent to the big fashion houses in Egypt to assist them with getting their dream job

Fashion Shop Display

what we do

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