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Digital Animator


Course fees 4000 L.E

Duration:  (32 HRS.)


Course Content:


- Introduction to Photoshop Fashion Design.

- Quick reference tools panel - the basics.

- Vector and bitmap images.

- Color modes.

- Create and save a new file.

- Customize the work area.

- Moving around the work area, Panel details.

- Open file with customized workspace.

- Tools panel.

- Select and move an object.

- Scan and place an image in a file.

- Divide and change the fill color.

- Put the texture on the model.

- Dress the figure and layer.

- Patterns - All drop repeat.

‫- Troubleshoot pattern fills.

- Making a pattern with a scanned fabric swatch.

- Using filters in photoshop.

- Using Puppet Warp to wrap fabric around your croquis figure.

- Saving and loading patterns.

- Brush basics and coloring through them.

- Installation of transparent texture on figure.

- Laying out croquets on boards and creating backgrounds.

The final project

Payment Options:


  1. Cash through the Branch.

  2. Bank Transfer. (details upon request)

  3. Mobile wallet transfer. (details upon request )


Refund Policy:


70% refund of paid amount 15 days before first day of course

30%refund of paid amount 7 days before first day of course

100% nonrefundable after that.

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