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Interior Decorations



Course fee's 17,150 L.E



Module One

Covered Topics:


  1. Introduction :

    1. Tools, Goals

    2. Course outline


    1. Reading plans

    2. Drawing vocabulary


    1. Furnishing a complete project plan in the lecture

  4. Furniture dimension and ergonomics

    1. Furniture dimension and ergonomics

    2. Complete the rest of spaces Furnish the 3 plans (depends on the furnished spaces during the lecture

  5. Section (vertical study) 1:50scale

    1. From one plan make a section architectural section

  6. Materials:

    1. Know what is available in the market

    2. Venders name

  7. Materials:

    1. Usage and functionality per space

  8. Project small apartment:

    1. Requirements

    2. Furnished plans

    3. Two sections

 Module Two

Covered Topics:

  1. Coloring theory

    1. Color wheel

    2. Picture analysis

    3. Section within color scheme

  2. Lighting definition

  3. Lighting principles for interior design

  4. Lighting design

  5. Perspective:

    1. Freehand object

  6. Perspective:

    1. Interior space

  7. Perspective

    1. Interior space


Plan with lecture 5 , coloring of perspective

Module Three

Covered Topics:


  1. A design project (Retail space):

  2. Contracts (paper work):

    1. Design-Client- Contractor:

    2. BOQ

  3. Technical drawings 1 (plans)

    1. Technical presentations, As is plans, new walls, furnished plans, finishing plans, lighting plans.

  4. Technical drawings 2 (plans)

    1. Ceiling, Ac layouts, Plumbing plans, general details furniture details.

  5. Technical drawings 3 (documents)

    1. BOQ and specifications


  1. Project presentation Theme, Conceptual ideas

    1. Story behind

    2. Conceptual mood board

  2. Project Presentation Mood Board

    1. Furniture mood board

    2. Importance of having a mood board


  1. Implement the  Retail project and present it

make a full project. Concept mood board plan and two section, perspective (freehand) BOQ


Module Four

Covered Topics:


  1. Final project introduction (residential villa):

    1. Introduction to the new (final) project. Groups depends on geographical area.

  2. History |:

    1. History of architectural and design

  3. History ||:

    1. Classical order, Gothic, Arabic- Islamic, Baroque, Rococoo, Louis 13, 14, 15,16, Ambier (inspired with Egyptology), Art Novue, Art Deco, Bauhaus. Vintage, Retro, Bohimian

  4. Iconic brands:

  5. Project I:

  6. Project II:

  7. Presentation

    1. Online / on air presentation with video recording for all groups

Payment Options:


  1. Cash through the Branch.

  2. Bank Transfer. (details upon request)

  3. Mobile wallet transfer. (details upon request )


Refund Policy:


70% refund of paid amount 15 days before first day of course

30%refund of paid amount 7 days before first day of course

100% nonrefundable after that.

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